In search of the perfect cake…

In anticipation of C’s upcoming first birthday, I’ve been trying out various cake and dessert recipes so I can find the “right” one for her big day. She’s gotten little tastes along the way, and hasn’t complained yet, but I have very high standards of what I am looking for. I’d love to find the perfect red velvet cake recipe for her party.

We’re planning a small ladybug themed party for some of her little friends and our families. A sidenote… even with keeping it “small”, our invite list quickly hit sixty people! It wouldn’t be a problem to keep adding to the party if it were a warmer month of the year, but I just don’t think our house can manage much more than that. We’re trying to see people as we can, and figure we’ll hit everyone by the holidays so everyone can get special “C” time with all friends and family!

So, back to the party theme… with a ladybug theme and focusing on red and black, red velvet cupcakes decorated as ladybugs seemed like a perfect fit! Unfortunately, the first red cake recipe didn’t pass my “amazingness” test, so it’s on to the next one. I came across an interesting recipe tonight that goes back to the origins of red velvet cake – a recipe that uses beets for the coloring. I’m incredibly intrigued by this one and might have to give it a go.*

I’m also trying to figure out a perfect balance of sugar / agave in recipes, which requires quite a bit of trial and error. And while it’s been quite enjoyable, it’s taking it’s toll on our waistlines! We’ve tried to cut the recipes down and pass along as many goodies as possible, it’s hard to resist those delicious treats when they’re sitting right in front of you!

Once I finally settle on a recipe, I’ll share it on here and let you in on the results.

*Edit: This one turned out pretty awful. We threw it out after the first sample. Never found the “perfect” cake for C, still searching for the one and only red velvet recipe that I’ll fall desperately in love with.


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