It’s getting better all the time…

And… she’s off! C has discovered she has the ability to “scoot” places. She can no longer be trusted to stay in one spot when you put her down (case in point in the picture above – she was placed on the activity mat behind her just minutes before this picture was taken). Rolling over, sitting up and scooting combined, she’s surprisingly mobile for not being able to crawl yet.

C started sitting up about two weeks ago (right at the 5 month mark) and has been steadily improving her skills since. Last night she had her first major tumble. Sitting near the edge of the area rug in our living room, she attempted to extend her legs (while seated) and flung herself backwards – the back of her head hurling to the floor. We heard a “thud”, followed by a stunned look, and then the tears began. Despite the large red mark on the back of her head, she calmed down and was off to the next distraction quickly. I was quite proud! She handled her first crisis like a pro.

We’ve been enjoying warmer weather out here, and I’m incredibly excited to start going to the park more with C. The timing works out perfectly – just when she starts to show more interest in playing and watching other kids, it warms up and fantastic park weather is upon us! I put together a little group online of all my local mommy friends – hoping we can organize some fun events this summer and just keep in touch. Our first event is a family picnic in the park – I can’t wait!

Lots of trips planned for this summer. We’re hoping to get at least one “bucket list” trip in – a visit to either the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. C has done really well with shorter roadtrips so far, so we’re crossing fingers that the longer trips will go well, too.

That’s it for us – enjoy your weekend!

(kudos to you if you picked up on the song reference in this blog)


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