A clean house is overrated…

And yet, what’s the first thing Ben & I do when we have a few spare moments? Clean like the wind!! Every minute counts when C is asleep and we have enough energy to put our house in order. C took a rather long nap yesterday afternoon, and we took full advantage. It’s uncommon for her to nap much longer than an hour, so when we went past the hour mark and still had a sleeping child, we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves. Without discussing it, we both started meandering around the house – picking up a few odds and ends as we went, wiping counters, putting away laundry, washing dishes, etc. Before we knew it, the house began to resemble it’s former state of cleanliness! I think we priortized correctly the first 13 weeks of C’s life (spending time with her over cleaning), but it certainly does feel good to bring some state of order back to our home. We never know when the stars will align for us to do it again!


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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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