The Morning Nap

Success! I got C down for her morning nap in her co-sleeper today (bassinet that attaches to our bed). She’s usually not very good about sleeping by herself, but we’ve been trying to ease her in to it over the past few days to prepare her for day care. She doesn’t sleep by herself every nap, but she has been pretty agreeable in the mornings and it’s been easier to coax her to sleep then. She sleeps for about an hour, wakes up, hangs out by herself looking around for a bit, then starts to make some noise to let me know she’s ready to get up. Mornings have been fantastic lately.

Afternoons & evenings are still a bit rough for her – she gets fussier as the day progresses and some nights are just unbearable. I cut dairy out of my diet about a month ago and that seemed to help quite a bit with her fussiness during the day – it’s down to a more reasonable level. The late evenings were still really bad though – C would start crying around 11pm and wouldn’t stop until 2am, inconsolable for much of it. This was in addition to the fussiness we saw in the evenings. After this had gone on for a few weeks, we took her to the doctor to discuss trying a probiotic treatment. I had done some research and found an encouraging clinical study on lactobacillus reuteri – showing that it could help reduce cry times in colicky infants. After discussing with the doctor, she recommended one blend of probiotics, so we went to our local Whole Foods and picked up some Primadophilus® Children (which doesn’t actually contain Lactobacillus Reuteri – but since the doctor recommended it, we thought we’d give it a try). We tried that for about a week and did see a slight decrease in her night time outbursts, but she was still having noticeable problems with an upset tummy and spitting up – causing her to be upset (I would be, too!). I called and spoke with a representative at BioGaia about their probiotic treatment (the brand was recommended by my osteopath friend), and it turns out it’s the same one that was used in the clinical trial in Italy. It’s supposed to help with spitting up as well. We ordered some and started her on it last Saturday – very hopeful to see results! The trial took about a week to show results, and we’re mid-way through right now. We’ve only had one bad night (last night) – the rest she’s been moderately fussy, but we’ve been able to get her to sleep before 11pm and have avoided the all out cry session. Of course, the decrease in fussiness and crying may coincide with her getting older, but we’re happy with the results regardless, and probiotics are beneficial anyway. I’ll update again later to let you know if we see any significant results.

Alright – it’s nearly time for her to get up. I hear her stirring through the monitor… better sign off. Have a great day!

Side note… lots more pictures of C posted here.


1 Response to “The Morning Nap”

  1. 1 Great Aunty A January 21, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    Loved reading all about you all , and of course seeing the pictures .

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