Countdown… 4 months left!

Things have been busy already this summer – the days fly by and you look back to realize it’s already half way through the year!! I can’t believe it’s July already – Monday will be 4 months left before our due date. It’s all happening so quickly!

C has been an active little girl… she’s gone camping with us a few times, been to quite a few bbqs, a few birthday parties, family functions, the gym and even a bike ride! Ben and I have been trying to get back to the gym in the mornings (while we can still go together!) to stay healthy & active during the pregnancy.

We had another ultrasound last week and everything looks good with C. She’s growing well – nearly a full pound now and is about 10 inches long. She was a little sleepy head during our session – she didn’t want to change positions – she was too comfy on her side. But she moved her legs and hands around a lot… she crossed and uncrossed her legs and arms several times during the session. No good pictures from this one – most were very technical and didn’t show a whole lot.

I’m feeling the baby move so much now… I’ve been feeling her since about week 16 (I’m about 22 weeks now) and she’s definitely getting stronger now. She is an early riser – wakes me up around 5 or 6am and calms down around 8 or 9pm most nights. She’s busy, busy, busy all day long! I feel her move a LOT when I’m sitting at my desk – she likes it better when I’m reclined and she has more space to move, and she definitely lets me know that! Any time I’m hunched over paperwork on my desk I get knees & elbows in protest! Ben first felt her move around week 20 and the kicks have been getting better and better. We’ve seen her move my belly a few times now – she’s really growing strong!

We’re getting excited for her arrival – so many things to plan and figure out, but lots of fun times ahead as well. Feeling her move is such a cool experience… it makes me wonder what it is I’m really feeling (arms, elbows, knees, feet…). Just four short months to wait to find out!


3 Responses to “Countdown… 4 months left!”

  1. 1 Aunty A July 19, 2009 at 10:32 PM

    It’s a wonderful time for you and Ben. Baby Claire sounds like she is doing well and soon you will see her lovely face and know this is truly a gift entrusted to you. It will be a giving of yourself that you have yet to understand. It is know longer a “Me” world, but one of total giving to this innocent child which needs and depends totally on you for her every need. Mine our grown now and I can tell you that I don’t regret one sleepless night being up with them. They have filled my life with so much in return that I am one of the luckiest Mothers I know. I am now enjoying and loving my grandchildren. I have received ten fold the love, time and effort I put into them. May you both be as blessed. Aunty A

  2. 2 Aunt Joyce July 22, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    Great hearing about the continuing adventure of your pregnancy. You’re more than half way to the finish line. Happy trails.

  3. 3 ingrid July 24, 2009 at 11:01 PM

    This is so exciting. I was always really curious about what it was that I was feeling jammed into my womb, ribs, pelvis etc. I did a blog entry about that when my midwives drew where Inez was (about a week before she was born). It was so cool to identify what I was feeling.
    Take really good care of yourself right now. The thing that I wish that I fully understood early on was that the way you treat your body will decide how your labor goes—- kid staying in longer= less problems and interventions. So drink a lot of water, eat tons of green vegetables, and get lots of sleep!

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