Gizmo is a girl!

image We just couldn’t wait to find out what we were having… the anticipation was too much. We purchased an “Intelligender” test last Thursday night with the hopes that the gender would be all revealing and we’d be able to fall asleep with smiles on our face, content with knowing a little more about our avocado sized baby. Alas, the results proved inconclusive for us… all of the message boards out there stated that if the test came back positive for a girl, you were most likely having a girl, but if it came back positive for a boy, it could still be a girl. Our results came out a dark green – or “boy” – which meant we had no more information than we did before spending $30 on a PH test.

A little disappointed, we went on our ways Friday morning… off to our respective places of work to carry out our busy days. But the prospect of finding out 5 weeks earlier than possible through our doctor stuck with me. Some of our friends had recently gone to a privately owned ultrasound business after a disappointing visit with their doctor where they “weren’t quite sure” about the sex. They recommended the place to us earlier in the week, although at that point we still felt confident we would be able to wait it out until the end of June. As the day wore on, I started getting more curious about the prospect of visiting this place and getting a sneak peek into the sex of our quickly growing child.

I decided to give the ultrasound place a call and see what they were all about. They seemed pretty well put together – able to answer my questions and put my fears to rest. The technicians were all RNs with pregnancy experience and assured me that they used the same machines there that the doctors office uses. Then they asked if we’d like to make an appointment for the following day. They’d had a cancellation and we could come in at 2pm on Saturday. Wow… I was not expecting that! I figured it would be a week at the soonest before we could get in, and thought that the delay might help quell my curiosity some. But immediate gratification? In this day and age, how can one resist? I wanted to call my doctor to clear it with them first, but told them to put me down as a tentative yes for the appointment. When I spoke with my doctors office, they gave me the green light, so I called back to confirm my appointment and we were in!

The reality sunk in later that night… this was really happening. We are really having a baby, and we are about to take this to whole other level by finding out the gender. No more ambiguity, no more pronoun games… this little person was about to become a real person.

Excited and nervous, Ben & I headed to our appointment on Saturday afternoon. Our little one was ready for us… hind quarters to the ultrasound, it was clear almost immediately that she was a girl. She was incredibly active during the ultrasound – twisting and turning several times. We had eaten just before the appointment, which generally makes her a bit more active, but we were both surprised by how active she really was! It was a very cool experience.

So now we know… Gizmo is a girl. A few variations of the name have been thrown out to us… Gizma, Gizmina, Gizmarella… all equally cute and endearing. However, after much debate, we’ve decided a much more proper name is in order… we’re going to call her C*.

*note: original post edited for the interwebs…


4 Responses to “Gizmo is a girl!”

  1. 1 Laura June 12, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    The first time that I heard about those clinics, was when a friend’s sister (who lives in California) was pregnant. My friend mentioned on a weekday that her sister was going to find out the sex of the baby on the weekend. I was totally confused and assumed that Californian OB GYN clinics don’t stop even for the weekends. That’s when she told me about the special clinics that you went to. I don’t think that they have those here in Oregon yet, at least I haven’t heard of them. I think from a business standpoint, that concept is brilliant!

    Just wait until the moments after the baby is born… that’s when it REALLY sinks in that there was a real person in there. With all three I seemed to understand that there was a real person in there, but it didn’t really sink in until I could hold the baby in my arms. It’s really an amazing feeling.

    Thanks for the wonderful news… and the name is really nice too :)

  2. 2 Anne June 15, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    Oh, Claire! I love that name!

  3. 3 Nancy June 15, 2009 at 6:04 PM

    Welcome baby Claire! We are sooo looking forward to meeting you! You have some awsome parents!
    Grandma (and Grandpa too)

  4. 4 Aunt Avis June 15, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    Claire what a beautiful name. I am so excited and new Great Niece to love and watch grown too. I am so happy for you both and for little Claire who will soon enter this world to two wonderful parents and wonder grandparents on both sides and lots of family and friends to love her. May Our Lord watch over her and help her grown healthy and strong.

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