It’s official… we’re pregnant!

IMG_5183Yup, folks, that’s right… we’re entering the land of parenthood this fall. Our little one is scheduled to make his/her debut November 13th (which, coincidentally, is Ben’s lucky number!). We’re ecstatic – couldn’t be happier.

We’ve safely made it through our first trimester and the second is progressing quite nicely. Ben has been busy remodeling our office and getting the nursery ready… we’re actually quite well prepared already (which, if you know me, probably isn’t a huge shock!). I’m entering week 17 and felt the baby move on Thursday evening (I actually think I felt the first little nudge around 10 weeks, but I knew it was early and couldn’t be sure that’s what it was).

My brain has been quite scattered lately – I’m a true believer in pregnancy brain now!! Turning on the wrong street to get home, putting clothes in the dryer but forgetting to turn it on, losing my train of thought… and, umm… not being able to remember what else!!

We won’t find out what we’re having until late June… and the anxiety is driving me crazy! I’m so ready to know and stop using generic terms like "the baby", "him/her" and "it". In an effort to give personalize our conversations a bit more, Ben & I came up with a placeholder name to use in the meantime – Gizmo (the lovable, cute and fuzzy creature from Gremlins).

That’s it for my already taxed pregnant brain! We’ll update as things progress… either on my or Ben’s blog (check out Ben’s post about the pregnancy here ).


3 Responses to “It’s official… we’re pregnant!”

  1. 1 ingrid May 30, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Yeah! Congratulations.
    Being pregnant is sort of a trip isn’t it? But I think it is wonderful too—- it forces you to do all the things that you should have been doing before: drinking lots of water, taking naps, eating regular meals and snacks, going to bed at a decent hour, taking walks, stretching….
    Enjoy and take really good care of yourself. Even more than getting the nursery ready, you need to get your body ready for the work of having the kid and then keeping up with the kid. Much love.

  2. 2 ben May 30, 2009 at 10:59 PM

    Woohoo! We are going to be parents!

  3. 3 Laura May 31, 2009 at 8:12 AM

    Pregnancy is a trip. For the most part, I enjoyed the trip too. What is interesting to me is that each one is a little different. That is wonderful that you got to feel Gizmo. Soon, you will be able to just sit and watch your belly more around on it’s own (it seems). Now that is a trip!

    Congratulations! and have fun.

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