Pack lightly and carry a big stick

I’ve been traveling a lot lately… by “a lot”, I mean more than I’d like to. It probably pales in comparison to others travel schedule, but I’m such a creature of habit and so dependent on my routines that habitual travel just messes with my head and screws me up. Normally, I’m ok with a little travel in my schedule. A day or two a quarter is perfect for me. It breaks up the monotony and provides for some excitment. I get to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a while, learn a few new things at training or enjoy some face time with the voices I speak to over the phone daily. Lately, though, it’s been a bit much for me. I feel like I’ve spent more time meeting about work than actually doing work. There hasn’t been much of a segue between trips, so all of the constructive discussions we’ve had haven’t had time to amount to anything more.

After 3 weeks of travelling, I flew back from Seattle this morning and was absolutely spent.

It all started early November, when Ben left for Japan. After a fun evening out for Halloween, Ben & I awoke bright and early (before 8am) to retrieve our car from a friend’s house so he could be in San Francisco by 1pm for his flight. He continued on his journey over international waters and I crawled back into bed for a few hours. I had a busy Saturday, followed by a full day in Stockton on Sunday. I had to be in Watsonville on Monday, so I stayed in Stockton on Sunday night to cut an hour off of my trip early Monday morning. My trip on Monday went really well – we had some great planning meetings and it gave me a fantastic opportunity to get some one-on-one time with people I work with daily. I stayed over that evening and started back down the road on Tuesday morning. Feeling quite the road warrior, I was on the last stretch of my trip to Sacramento when my transmission started having issues again, refusing to go into fourth gear with a semi-truck barreling down behind me. Quickly improvising, I shifted to fifth, gave my car a heavy helping of gas and continued on, making a mental note that I would need to have that checked in the near future.

Tuesday afternoon, a flight to Seattle, with a partner dinner scheduled for that evening. Karri & Suzy Meetings on Wednesday, then a flight home. Thursday – a day in the office followed by a flight to San Diego that evening (for fun – woohoo!!!). I spent a few days in San Diego with Karri for her birthday, which was a great break and much needed girl time (pictures posted on my flickr page).

Ben arrived home from Japan on Saturday, but I had a late flight back from San Diego on Sunday evening (which ended up even later after being delayed an hour), so we didn’t have much time to catch up after I arrived home at 11pm. Trying to catch up on things, I worked late Monday and enjoyed only a few hours at home that evening. Then it was back on the road to Watsonville for a full day excursion on Tuesday. We drove up and back in the same day, stopping for dinner on the way home and making it back to Sacramento around 10pm. Wednesday we left mid-day for the AICPA National Real Estate Conference in Arizona, so I had a few minutes to pack Tuesday night and then was up again bright and early on Wednesday morning (we had to take my car in to the shop to have the transmission/clutch checked again). I flew out Wednesday, spent a few days in some incredibly pessimistic and mind-numbing lectures, then flew home again Friday night. Exhausted yet? Because it doesn’t end there…

Ben & I spent the weekend at home, but it was jam packed with activities. Afterall, we had to connect with those we hadn’t seen in a while, and we were all gone or in transit on my parent’s birthdays, so we had a get together for that. Not to mention the fact that I’m currently in a masters program at Sac State and am sadly far behind in my studies. So the weekend was a catch up for us. Busy, busy, busy…

We did have a few days at home this week (Monday – Wednesday), but it still felt a bit like we were chasing our tails the entire time. Dinner with friends, laundry, chores, necessities, etc. I’ve always been one to keep a full plate, but things felt like they were falling off the edge at this point. Thursday, I was back in Seattle and Ben was up in Oregon. He had a day trip whereas I was gone overnight, scheduled to head back Friday afternoon.

It all hit me Friday morning, when I woke up at 6am in a panic – convinced I had missed my flight. I frantically searched the nightstand for my glasses, certain that my co-workers were pacing the lobby wondering where I was. I hopped out of bed, grabbing my blackberry to check the alarm – distraught that it hadn’t chimed the morning wake up call. Fumbling to find the alarm function, I finally get in and see that the alarm is set for 6:45am. Huh? My mind races back to the prior evening, a little hazy from lack of sleep and a few glasses of wine. I recalled a conversation with my co-workers that we would meet at 7:45am. But wasn’t our flight at 7? Checking my calendar, I see that our flight, in fact, is at 10:25am. My flight the day before was at 7am. Ok, I think to myself, this needs to stop. I am seriously losing it.

Rejoicing in the fact that I still have 45 minutes before the day begins, I try to fall back to sleep, but find that it’s hopeless. By this point, my adrenaline is pumping, my heart is racing and I’m still a little dubious to the flight time in my blackberry calendar. I lay there for a while, finally drifting into a light sleep, only to be awoken by the standard alarm chimes of the blackberry. Oh trusty blackberry, how I hate you sometimes.

Well, I’m back safely now and finishing this blog up on Saturday morning from the comfort of my couch. It really is nice to have nothing to do this weekend. Originally, we’d planned to head up to Oregon today to visit Ben’s family for Thanksgiving, but we decided to push that off a few days and just enjoy our time together at home. I’m really glad for that right now – I don’t think I could have pushed through another day of travel. My brain would have simply imploded.

Sometimes it just feels so good to be lazy.


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