An update on my thumb injury

So it’s been three weeks since the mandaline incident, and I’m back on the horse. I suffered the first week alone (Ben was travelling) and managed to get along ok. The instructions from the doctor were to keep it dry and clean – meaning no dish duty for me :) I tried to use disposable dishes or use the same plate multiple times (rinsed cleanly with my left hand) to minimize the impact – but I still manged to leave a sink full of dishes for Ben to come home to.

I quickly learned to use my left thumb for the spacebar when typing, and it’s amazing how such a simple switch screws with your head. I started typing words backwards – I think my brain thinks everything else is reversed, along with the thumb.

I still have a void where the tip of my thumb once was – it still hurts, but a new layer of skin has grown back, and I’ve moved to a clear paint-on bandage the majority of the time. It’s amazing how quickly fingers heal. I really can’t believe how well it’s healed in such a short time. It’s an incredible example of how amazing the human body really is.


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