And somehow I managed to slip…

I decided to try a new recipe on Sunday afternoon – sauted zucchini… yum! So I pulled out the mandaline and start slicing (can you tell where this is going yet?). Slicing away, making perfectly thin and uniform slices, so proud of the end product. As I neared the end of the vegetable, I thought of how lucky I’d been to never have cut myself on this incredibly dangerous kitchen tool… slice, slice, slice… getting close to the end, better be cautious… and then it happened. It wasn’t so much of a slip as it was underestimating of the amount of zucchini actually left. I’d somehow managed to go from straight slices to slightly angled, meaning that the backside of the veggie (and my thumb) were dangerously close to the blade, while the top side (and my fingers) were still inches away. Unknowing of this fact, the final slice took a nice piece of my thumb along with the zucchini. I immediately grabbed my thumb with the other hand and held it down, bent over at the waist. I’m convinced that this instinctual fetal-like position is partially to keep from passing out from the pain (and to keep the now gushing blood off my clothes).

The most excruciating part of this is that I did it with my own force. I ran my thumb quite willingly over the blade and determined exactly how quickly it would happen, and what, exactly, i’d be taking with it.

At first we thought it wasn’t that bad. I’d cut myself with a razor blade before and managed home care quite well. I applied pressure, held my hand above my heart and tried to relax. After the initial shock, Ben suggested that we wash it out and apply a bit of peroxide. I grudgingly obliged. Knowing that it would hurt like hell, and potentially send me into a near passing out state again, we pulled a chair into the bathroom so that i could sit while the peroxide was applied. Oh yes, it hurt. Makes me wonder if I will actually be able to stand the pains of childbirth – considering this was just a thumb.

After the cleansing routine, I headed back to the couch to recline and put my thumb up once again. With pressure applied, the bleeding seemed to stop. It seemed under control. However, when I removed pressure 3 hours later, and quite a bit was still flowing, we decided it was time for some professional assistance.

Ben drove me to urgent care, and it was a short wait after we arrived. I’d applied a bandage prior to leaving the house, and although it was well saturated, it stopped when it reached the edges. It was like my blood vessels knew exactly how much to deposit safely before spilling over. As we sat waiting, I started feeling silly for being there. Afterall, it seemed to stop with pressure – why was I wasting the medical staff’s time when all they could really do is apply a fancier bandage? Ben assured me that we were doing the right thing, and just have them check it out.

We were called in after about 30 minutes of waiting. After discussing the injury, the nurse practioner mentioned that I might need stiches, but the doctor would need to decide. The doctor came in, examined the wound, and felt that it wasn’t a good candidate for stiches, as there really wasn’t enough skin to stich together (the cut was too wide and the skin isn’t very flexible there). So she applied a magic “clotting cloth” to my thumb and wrapped the cut tightly. Pressure was the best she could do. She said it was a very clean cut, and should heal with a minimal scar (which hopefully means that it will also grow back). All in all, I wasn’t going to die. I had to get a tetnus shot, and was on my way.

Tonight is the bandage removal. I’ve soaked my thumb for 2 hours, and it’s still readily attached to the open wound. The doctor told me not to pull on it (and pull the scab off with it) so I’ve been trying to soak and remove it. No luck so far.


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