It’s not you, it’s me.

Netflix, you’ve been oh so good to me. Sending me movies at lightning speed without me having to lift a finger. You were good to me. The movies almost always worked… and I so enjoyed sharing my life and movie preferences with you.

But I was fickle. I didn’t appreciate your stability and consistency. I let the movies you sent sit unopened for weeks. I didn’t appreciate you, and blamed you for eating up my monthly fee while the same 3 movies sat on my entryway table.

Several years ago, when this all started, I quickly made my way through the list of new releases and movies I’d wanted to see for ages. I even started receiving tv series dvds that I’d wanted to see. You faithfully delivered horror films in time for Halloween, never dissapointing.

But lately our relationship has become full of pressure and expectations – I feel like I’m wasting money by not watching the indie films and cheesy chick flicks you send (even though I picked them out). When I lived by myself, I was more faithful about watching and returning regularly. Now that someone else’s movie tastes are the in the house, it becomes more and more difficult to find the obscure titles we both want to watch.

There’s no use pleading… I’ve found someone else. I’ve moved on. His name? Redbox. He can give me what I need. For $1 a day, I can rent any of the new releases I desire – instantly. He has a location right down the street from me, and I can reserve movies through the online system to ensure the title I want is waiting for me. Given the infrequency of my movie watching these days, the 4-5 times a month that I watch a movie will cost significantly less than my $18/month subscription fee I pay with you now.

You’ve been good to me, but it’s over. It’s over. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.


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