a good camera case gone bad…

I had a scary experience yesterday… searching for my ipod in my bag, I noticed that it was resting next to my camera case. Well, not so much resting as it was stuck to my camera case. It’s a very stylish little square case with houndstooth fabric and a magnetic front flap. This is how the case stays shut. It fits my camera perfectly and I have loved it dearly… until this moment. As I detached my ipod from the deathly magnetic grip of the camera case, my heart sunk. Is this the end of my ipod? Trying not to panic, I pushed the button to turn it on. I had housed these two components in my bag for the past year and never had an issue. But this time, I wasn’t so lucky. The ipod was non responsive. I held down the middle button, hopeful that some spark of life would occur. Still nothing. In one last effort, I hit the button combo to reset the ipod… and behold, life! So this was a good thing, my ipod was still functional. Unfortunately, the message that came up was not as good. It was a prompt to plug the ipod into my computer and reformat it. I’d lost everything.

I immediately took my camera from it’s case, placed it in an intermediary case, and tossed the oh so stylish houndstooth one that had wiped my ipod clean. Looks like I’ll be devoting some time into putting my playlists back together and syncing up to my computer. Oh yes, I’ll also be needing a new camera case.

8/18/07 Update: Magnet + IPOD = Bad things.

My ipod is officially dead. I thought it had just lost it’s contents, but in reality, the magnet fried the hard drive and the poor little thing can’t stand to wake up again. To make matters worse, none of my music was backed up on my computer. Ben & I just upgraded my computer, including reformatting the hard drive. I’d backed all of my music up on my ipod. When the above event occurred, I was certain that my music had been placed safely onto my newly upgraded machine, but alas, it appears that transfer never happened (I thought Ben did it, he thought I did it – and we never corroborated stories). It’s a sad thing, but luckily I still have most of my cds… I’ll just have to dust off the covers and pick out a select few to join me in the car.

One good thing out of all of this – Ben found a few places online that will upgrade your ipod hard drive for a pretty decent price – i.e., 100 gig hard drive for $250. This is all assuming that there aren’t other things in the unit that are broken, but it’s still a better option than keeping a pricey paper weight around.


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  1. 1 ben August 11, 2007 at 6:42 PM

    Happy Birthday! I love you tons!

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