The Age of Technology

I have certain gripes about my desktop computer. Although it is lightning fast (thanks to an awesome processor and an ample amount of ram), the peripheral devices connected to and surrounding my computer are less than par. Please allow me to explain;

1. Chair: My armless computer chair (yes, it’s still armless) is becoming less and less comfy each day. It appears that the once plush padding that cushioned my behind while spending days/nights on my computer

2. Keyboard: The buttons are incredibly noisy compared to my laptop/work computer/ben’s computer/a train. The caps lock sticks, and the wires are a constant pain. Hence, my request for a wireless keyboard & mouse on my froogle wish list.

3. The plastic wheel your chair around more easily / carpet protector under my chair: Not wanting to splurge on the more expensive plastic do-hickey, I went for the standard height protector, thinking it would work the same. Due to ultra plush carpeting, the chair sinks the plastic into the ground whenever weight is applied, creating little plastic ruts that are nearly impossible to roll out of. I feel like I’m attempting to free myself from a sandtrap every time I want to roll around.

4. Monitor: The once sufficient 15″ tube monitor, is now just become an annoyance. My resolution is either so high that I need binoculars to see the data on my screen, or so low that I feel like I’m using a geriatric version of my machine. Most website resolutions aren’t designed for either, and I end up changing the standard font size with every new page I visit to accommodate for my sucky screen.

5. USB Ports: My usb ports are not 2.0, and the “If you switch this to a 2.0 USB port, you’ll receive much better performance” message comes on damn near every time I plug in a new device.

6. Printer: I’ve been out of cartridge ink for color for months. My own fault, but still a gripe.

7. Misc complaints: Some of my other complaints include the bare walls that surround my computer (due to my admitted laziness), poor lighting, and a fan that rattles scarily.


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