The February & March Update

My January update was suppose to be the start of a trend – monthly updates recapping on the prior month’s events. Alas, my blogging dedication is not what it used to be, and updates are less and less frequent. So here’s the latest…

February was a strange month. I found a new job, went through a strained last two weeks at my old job, and ended off the month in a fantastically exciting new company. I won’t go through the details of the last few weeks at the old job – let’s just say that the last few weeks there were like no other. The new job is an incredible opportunity for me to expand my technical accounting knowledge (research and whatnot) and learn an incredible amount about the real estate development industry. I’m a part of a team of 8 people at the new job – more specifically, 1 of 2 total accounting personnel. The office is very high energy, a fun environment, and offers a great work life balance (this is the first time in my career that I’ve left at 5pm every night!). The position deals with partnership and public accounting, and offers a nice balance of the two.

It was Tina’s birthday in February – so to celebrate, she planned a weekend in Reno. I met her and Edna at Circus Circus for the weekend. We went to a comedy show where the opener was much funnier than the headliner, at at a buffet, gambled a bit, slept a bit, gambled some more, got some breakfast, then headed home.

For Valentine’s day, Ben & I celebrated a bit late, and went to our favorite restaurant, The Slocum House, on Saturday night. Their filet mignon is the BEST.

The month finished off with our friend, Sharaun, going into labor; me starting my new job; Keaton being born; and finally, Ben & I went to visit Keaton!

March brought even more excitement – There seems to be an insanely disproportionate number of birthdays in March. I think I know 5 or 6 people who have birthdays in March. This month has gotta be the topper for my single degree of separation. Putting this to the test further, I’m guessing that my March birthday theory extends out, and that August is a popular month for conception (which happens to also be my birth month… weird!). Anyway, one special person in particular was born in March – Ben! I thanked him for being born in his card. Not really much under his control, but given the number of births that have been happening lately (3 that I know of so far from Feb 27 – end of March), I felt it was an appropriate comment.

Ben & I went to the Franz Ferdinand & Death Cab For Cutie concert at Memorial Auditorium towards the end of March. Please, do me a favor – the next time I say that I’m going to a show at Memorial, please remind me of how much that venue SUCKS! The acoustics are HORRIBLE, and made the show unbearable when Franz took the stage. The redeeming part of the night – Death Cab was AWESOME. I love them. Their stage presense isn’t much, and the whole “interacting with the audience” thing doesn’t happen, but I still love them. Just seeing them on stage, 50 feet in front of me, awes me a bit. They’re akwardly cute – like you know that they are actually shy guys in real life, and don’t really enjoy the glam and glory of being a performer, but they do it for their fans anyway.

More wedding stuff – Ben & I got our guest list together, and have tried to include everyone that space and money will allow. It’s tough to pare down a list of friends and family. Anyone who’s married knows what I’m talking about, though.

We also finished our Save The Date cards, ordered part 1 of 2 of our favors, and I found my dress! I feel like everything is coming together so nicely – we’re right where I’d hoped. This gives plenty of time to tie up loose ends and finalize things before October!

Ben & I went to stockton and helped my brother install pergo-esque flooring in his kitchen. We gave them the demo, helped with the 40 square foot area (took us about 4 or 5 hours), and set them loose! We left Ben’s new table saw at Chris’ house… we’re hoping no limbs are lost during the unsupervised install :)

That’s it for the February & March update – hope you enjoyed it. Not promising anything as grand for April – I’m actually hoping this will be a somewhat unexciting and relaxing month.

On another note – it appears that my Firefox is broken, AGAIN. This time, the tabbing thing doesn’t work (tabs open in the browser window, but trying to click on them is pointless), and the addresses typed into the address bar disappear. Ie, it’s blank right now as I type, indicating that I’ve moved to the end of the internet and am now somehow in the abyss that lies beyond. Seriously, though, I think I just need a solid reinstall to fix it. But, ugh… pain in my butt. Made it near impossible to link in this entry.


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