My day consisted of a trip to the dump…

I woke up this morning with a blinding migraine. Possibly attributed to the dramatic change in weather; and possibly an after effect of the concert we went to on Thursday night. Three hours of sleep, two tylenol & a dose of caffeine later, I was in full recovery.

I’d planned on attending a BeautiControl meeting with my friend, Laila, and learning more about the product and sales techniques. She just become a consultant, and really believes in the product – which made me interested in becoming a consultant, too! Laila is going to come up to Sacramento for a BeautiControl party (which I will host!) later on in the month, so I guess I’ll have to make up for it then!

Later in the day, Ben & I took a trip to the dump. Nothing exciting, but the left over carpet (from the pergo install) and dead christmas tree mandated it. Ben headed out to the dump for the first load with the Christmas Tree (a free drop off) and checked out the prices for carpet dumping while there. Turns out one load was $15 – so when returning for the carpet, the idea was to fit 500 square feet of carpet and padding into the bed of Ben’s Ford Ranger and drop it off in one trip. I dunno how we did it (I should have taken a picture), but we did (well, more accurately, Ben did it). Carpet & padding piled to the top of the cab, padding in the cab, and rope holding it all in, we took the 15 mile journey out to the dump.

It was actually quite a sad experience. We backed into our designated “dumping space” and proceeded with our unload. While Ben was untying the rope, I took the opportunity to check out the items that were dropped off by the visitors just prior to us. Wicker basket, dvd player, cd walkman, soccer ball, coffee table, entertainment center… the list goes on and on. A small step down from thrift store selection; these were perfectly good items that could have benefited others, if only they’d been donated or left on the street with a “free” sign affixed. As we left, the plow came by and balled up all of the fore mentioned items. Crushing and collecting all of the abandoned items, rendering them completely useless and placing them in the true “trash” category.

It took about 15 minutes to clear our nostrils of the dump scent, but after the stench was gone, Ben & I realized we were actually hungry. Making good use of our new Entertainment Book (thanks mom & dad!) we stopped at Jack In the Box for and used our 2-for-1 coupon to purchase 2 salads and a diet coke (the soda wasn’t a part of the deal – that was a splurge).

Since the past few months have been rather “family oriented” and we haven’t seen much of our friends, Ben & I decided to see if Anthony & Melissa were available for dinner & a movie. We called in our pizza to Papa Murphy’s, once again using an Entertainment Book coupon (50% off – woohoo!), then stopped by Blockbuster to find a movie for our viewing pleasure. We’d hoped to pick up Wedding Crashers, but, alas, it was all rented out. So we grabbed The Skeleton Key as an alternate. Although Rotten Tomatoes trashed it (only 39% fresh), I enjoyed it. It had a great twist at the end that I was not expecting. I’m a bit biased in general, though, I love Kate Hudson. Ever since Almost Famous, she’s been in my top actress list.

Our evening ended around 9:30pm tonight. It seems like the nights get earlier and earlier as we get older and older. It’s 11pm now, and time for me to call it a night. It’s official – I’m finally an adult.


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