Vacation Vacation Vacation!!!!

Christmastime has now officially begun – as, you guessed it, I am now on vacation :)

We’ve been preparing for xmas in a style that’s fitting for us. Our decorations are minimal – Ben hung some icicle lights outside, we have a Christmas tree, and have stockings hung on the mantle. Our high tech Christmas tree consists solely of LED Lights, and costs pennies to run. Even our star is LED – and, even better, color changing!

I’ve made a few treats in the past few weeks, which have been mailed or handed out to friends and family. I was quite proud of my pink & green rice crispy treats (yup, pink. Half a tube of food coloring later, and they still wouldn’t come out red). Regardless, they were tasty.

We have a nice little collection of presents nestled around the tree – anxiously awaiting their fate. I did pretty well this year, finishing up the shopping at 8pm on December 23. But really, most of the shopping was complete about a week ago. I remember the years when Chris & I spent our christmas eve at Walmart, getting last minute stocking stuffers & presents. This year, I just had a few hard to find items left to get tonight. Once again, I’m seriously over budget, and I’m wondering how long it will take Mr. Visa to start sending me personal thank you notes for my spending habits.

Ben & I are spending our last evening in Sacramento before heading to my parent’s house for tomorrow evening. We plan on exchanging stockings tonight, and saving the big presents for xmas morn. Although, currently, we’re having a laptop party; as he updates himself on the world outside, and I update the world outside about us.

Next week – a long week of relaxing awaits us. We plan on heading down to Yosemite Monday and staying in a cute B&B just outside the park entrance. Neither of us has been to Yosemite during winter, and it should be an awing experience. Cold, but awing. I’ve not been to Yosemite since the summer of 2002, after graduating from college. Not that it changes much, but it’s definitely nice to reconnect with nature once in a while.

At this point, I’m having blogger’s block, so I’m gonna hand this over to the one liners (just some random thoughts I’ll share)

– I love the smell of xmas trees
– I’m a fan of christmas music, although I think I hit my limit mid-december this year
– I still love the Beatles
– Christmas is overwhelming to me
– Even though I just went on vacation at Thanksgiving, I feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve had time off
– My toe is itchy, but I’m too lazy to take my boot off to scratch it
– I have no idea what Ben got me for xmas
– I can’t wait to go to Yosemite
– I’m looking forward to spending xmas with my family AND Ben!
– I’m excited about playing scrabble with my grandma this weekend
– I feel like I still have a billion things left to do before xmas
– I’m currently enjoying a glass of champagne, which is not helping my concentration skills
– The “once a year drivers” who come out at Christmas annoy me to a point of rage (but I think that’s a given for everyone, right?)
– I transferred my Visa balance over to a new Discover card – which has 0% APR for a year and will save xmas for me!
– My new discover card is bright pink with a cute “s” in the middle (you can see it here)


2 Responses to “Vacation Vacation Vacation!!!!”

  1. 1 Charles Miller December 25, 2005 at 11:39 AM

    Merry Christmas, Suzy. Hope the season treats you wonderfully. :)

  2. 2 Anonymous December 29, 2005 at 4:52 PM

    Suzy, we enjoyed the treats and they were very tasty. What a Christmas you had! We enjoyed our Christmas too and this year I had the best treat of all “A California Christmas!” I kept singing “I’m having a California Christmas.” The temp in Colorado broke a record by 68* on Christmas Day. I was sooooooo happy!!!! and we have been blessed with temps in the 60’s for days. I LOVE THIS WEATHER! Happy New Year and I know it will be the best Year ever for you and Ben. Aunty A

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