Suzy is…

This idea is stolen directly from this blog by morgan and is a pretty awesome idea. My results weren’t as cool as hers; unfortunately there’s not much use for the word “Suzy” other than as a name. But, here it is.

What you do is google “[your name] is” and see what turns up. This is what I got (nothing has been changed at all, this is all the real deal):

Suzy is a well written movie that takes place during the war in 1914
Suzy is a little gray squirrel who lives happily in her oak-tree home
Suzy is Dead
Suzy is the last person to see her alive
Suzy is trapped in a fairy-tale
Suzy is more than a girl on a poster
Suzy is a precocious preadolescent
Suzy is ten years older than Billy
Suzy is our Drug and Alcohol Specialist
Suzy is both worried and furious
Suzy is a 4 year old and escaped from us at the vets one night two weeks ago
Suzy Is A Headbanger
Suzy is in Bart’s backpack traveling in Peru
Suzy is the best singer
Suzy is able to streamline her workflow
Suzy is a senior at UWM majoring in Criminal Justice
Suzy is also the President of the Milwaukee
Suzy is 7, and she loves it!
Suzy is utterly adrift in life
Suzy is a cipher: seemingly devoid of any personality
Suzy is a lifeguard on the world famous North shore of Oahu
Suzy is a professional surfer and competitor in Surf events
Suzy is a precocious reader
Suzy is backed on the album by an all-star cast
Suzy is from a small city in Armenia
Suzy is just as close to the perfect country music
Suzy is billed as “the single girl”
Suzy is so nice
Suzy is trained in the financials and student administration portion of PeopleSoft
Suzy is a Certified First Medical Assistant in surgery
Suzy is dedicated, unbelievably enthusiastic, and always goes “the extra mile”


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