I’ve been doing a little window shopping for xmas presents for myself and others. One of my brilliant plans is to make shirts sporting inside jokes for a few select people. It’s something I’ve been considering for a while, and am finally getting around to, with the help of, an online company for creating custom Tshirts/cards/stamps/whatever. I’m really excited about the stuff I ordered!

I packed up the Halloween decorations tonight; always a somber task, it marks the end of my favorite holiday, and the countdown to next year. Halloween has gotten exponentially better since I moved to Sacramento, now that I have a rockin’ Halloween Party to attend annually. As I’m getting older, my “seasonal decoration” boxes have grown. It’s exciting and discouraging at the same time; I’m not much for clutter or knicknaks, and the seasonal stuff is just something that has to be boxed up and stored for 11 months out of the year.

There’s a new episode of Lost on tonight. It’s been reruns for the past 3 weeks, and finally there’s something new! Ben & I got hooked on this show a few months ago, at the recommendation of Dave & Sharaun. We Netflixed all of last seasons episodes and quickly caught up just in time for the current season. Now I’m waiting until Ben gets back tonight before watching the new episode.

Time to find some food. Peace out.


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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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