Gas Prices on the decline, but not at our favorite gas station

Ben has a favorite gas station that’s low priced, and most importantly, on the way to his work. I’ve stopped there a few times, and been impressed by the low prices offered. So, tonight, I went out of my way to visit this particular station. On my way home, I passed a Shell selling gas for $2.49, a 76 station @ $2.49 and two Arco’s selling gas for $2.43. Counting on the favorite choice for gasoline, I chugged along… to arrive at the gas of choice, selling it’s gas for $2.49!! All of my efforts to save a few cents had gone to waste. Oh well.

I voted on Arnold’s propositions tonight. I selected my voting choices by visiting and voting opposite all of the propositions backed by this webpage. There were a few other selective propositions that I also voted No on; really this was more of an election to vote against Arnold. I haven’t spent much time following his political strategy, however, the few things I have taken note of, I haven’t liked. I voted against him at the governor election, and was pissed off when he won.

I’m fending for myself tonight. Usually Ben & I have dinner together; he’s out of town right now, leaving me a free woman for the evening. So my choice for dinner… a prepackaged indian dinner; jasmine rice and curry vegetables. It’s a nouveau version of a tv dinner; boxed instead of frozen, and comes with a plastic tray for microwaving the meal. While the food sounds less than desirable, is actually quite tasty. Of course, it’s a Trader Joe’s pick, which is usually at or above par. As usual, this meal is delicious. Time to eat.


1 Response to “Gas Prices on the decline, but not at our favorite gas station”

  1. 1 ben November 11, 2005 at 3:11 AM

    I just passed by our favorite gas station, and it’s down to $2.39/gallon, which I think is on par with the rock bottom Orbit down the street. You see, I think you caught our station on an “off” day. My current theory is that the prices at our station lag at least a day behind the lowest priced stations (like the previously mentioned Orbit). I suppose I could just go to Orbit, but it can’t possibly have decent coffee. ;)

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