Taco Bell

It’s crazy to me that fast food does so well. It’s cheap, crappy food, crappy ingredients, and not much more, but yet it has such appeal. Whenever I see a Taco Bell commercial, I’m transcended back to high school. Whether it’s the memory of visiting Taco Bell with Morgan after spending an hour at the gym (and re-ingesting all of the calories we’d just burned off), or late night studying treats that my dad selflessly got for me at all hours of the night; Taco Bell leaves me with fond memories.

The new ads for the “Carne Asada Steak Burrito” (or whatever it is) intrigue me. I know that the end product is probably in the same taste category as cardboard, but the ads and nostalgia about it draw me in still.

I haven’t actually gone to Taco Bell in well over a year (ok, give or take a few incidences that I may be forgetting) but overall, it’s not my first choice of restaurant options. It’s only my favorite kinda fast food :)


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