Novelist aspirations, life choices, and Halloween

My blogging as of late has been pitiful at best. I’m to the point now where I seldom even create drafts, knowing it’s not likely that they will ever reach publication. This all brings me to a revelation; I’ve often entertained ideas of writing a novel in my spare time. Creative writing intrigues me greatly, and I’d love the opportunity to express myself to the world. Buttt… given the lack of commitment to my blog, I can’t honestly say I’d ever complete any novel that I started.

I may have blogged about this before, so bear with me if you know this story already. I chose my career path at a fairly early age. My cousin, Missy, ten years older than me, became an accountant just as I was entering high school. She’d attended Sac State, passed her CPA, and started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Having been Missy’s shadow since as far back as I can remember, I quickly followed in suit. During high school, I took an accounting course and really enjoyed it. It was something that came easy and naturally to me and involved just the right combo of math and english to be a good fit. I was ecstatic that I enjoyed the same subjects as Missy! At the age of 13, I set out my goal to become an accountant. Eight years later, at the age of 21, I signed with PricewaterhouseCoopers and began to follow the same path as my cousin.

I feel as the my choice of career so early stifled my other options. I was determined to follow through on my choices and really didn’t entertain other options. In retrospect, having a goal set gave me a sense of comfort; I had a path determined and knew where I was going. At the same time, those times when you feel lost or unsure of your path are generally periods of self discovery. I may have missed out on another fantastic opportunity because I was so dead set on becoming an accountant.

Anyway, moving forward three years, and I’m not quite as happy with being an accountant as I’d once imagined. The concepts, for the most part, are still a natural or easy concept for me, but the challenges of the career don’t seem to interest me as much anymore. I guess I miss the creative outlet that the diversity of college courses allowed for. Working on class projects that involved analytics as well as creativity were incredibly enjoyable for me, and that type of experience just isn’t available in an accounting position in the “real world”.

I’ve thought about going back to school, obtaining a degree in another field, and perhaps finding some career that will satisfy my creative as well as analytical side. It scares me to think of trying to go back to school for a completely new field, though. I know what college is like, and know that it is a lot of work. I’ve past that point were I can comfortably be just be a student and not worry about finances; that ended the instance I signed for my mortgage. The other factor is the opportunity cost the comes with choosing a major. I have a lot of interests, and would love to pursue them all, but a decision would need to be made. As soon as I commit to something, I lose the opportunity to choose something else (yes, I realize in all practicality that I could float from semester to semester, choosing different courses and a different major if necessary). There are so many subjects I would love to explore (Journalism, Nutrition, Social Science, Political Science, Cooking, Taxation…), but they’re all over the board, and narrowing them down is difficult. Anyway, enough about this stuff.

This weekend is the beginning of the big Halloween celebration. My favorite holiday, I feel that I haven’t given the due time and effort necessary to make these past few years something really special. I’ve thrown things together at the last minute, attended parties at other houses, and not really spent much time getting decorations up. This year, unfortunately, has been the same, but I’m trying to make amends before this weekend!

The candy is ready. I’ve even gone to the effort of putting it out in decorative candy dishes around the living room and kitchen. I also purchased cobwebs for the entryway, which I plan to put up tomorrow night (hopefully?).

For my costume, I got a thrift store dress a few weeks ago (8 sizes too large) and downsized it tonight. (It still looks hideous on me, but will be perfect for the costume, so I must put my vanity aside for a night). I plan on doctoring up my shoes & accessories, which will also need to happen tonight or tomorrow. And, after much searching, I found the hair crimper I desperately needed to complete the ensemble.

Ben & I are throwing a “Candy, Chili & Scary Movie Night” (my idea) on Sunday night and inviting friends over to partake in the fore-mentioned food/events. It should be good fun… scary movies I’ve never seen, yummy chili, gross amounts of candy. Undoubtedly a few nightmares and indigestion will soon follow.

Here’s a thought, maybe ten years from now I can make my blog entries into a book… I like the idea of making profits from minimal effort.


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    suzyness, you may find this kinda cool….:

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