this is unbelievable

It was like something out of a Seinfeld episode.

Early Friday afternoon at work, and my appetite got the better of me. Even though it was only 11am, I headed to the communal kitchen fridge to seek out the leftovers I’d abandoned the day before. After opening our less than sanitary fridge and rummaging around for a few seconds, I realized that my leftovers (a tupperware full of chicken and rice) must have been moved from where I’d left it. Not yet discouraged, I squatted down and began digging. Past plastic bags with anonymous contents, seemingly expired condiments, and a few recent additions that may have actually been edible, I dug. A little puzzled that I couldn’t find my food, I let a co-worker past to grab her lunch, and resumed my search. Now checking the vegetable and deli drawers, still finding nothing.

Finally, I look to my left to the stack of freshly washed dishes sitting to the side of the sink. There it was; my tupperware container, nicely cleaned and contents missing. No mistake; my lunch had been thwarted. The dry erase marking of “Suzy” and “9/8” (the date) were half scrubbed off the lid.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone had actually eaten my leftovers. It’s not like this was a tv dinner, sanitary and cleanly packaged in a factory; this was the remains from my dinner two nights before!! Perhaps one of the guys in the office has a wife named “Suzy” and mistaken the tupperware for his own? Still, hard to believe. Another thought; maybe my tupperware fell out of the fridge, opened on the ground, and some kind soul had cleaned up the remains and washed my container for me. Again, hard to believe.

I think it comes down to this; someone who either doesn’t care about sanitary conditions of food, or believes mine to be high, decided that they were hungry, and I was to go without lunch. It’s a sad, sad world.


1 Response to “this is unbelievable”

  1. 1 morganaberserker September 11, 2005 at 8:36 PM

    Yes, there is nothing worse that food stealers. Little bastards. I had to deal with it for a year. It’s even better when they leave the traces of your neutella on their knife so you can finally confront them about their food thieving ways. You should just tape a polite little note saying “Dear food stealer: I know who you are, I spit in my food.”

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