My pocket pc died on me this weekend without my knowledge. I tried to
sync up this morning, was prompted to “establish” the partnership with
my computer again. This is something you usually do when you first
start using your pda.

So, all of my programs, files, etc are gone. Luckily I sync up with my
computer daily, but it’s still a pain to reinstall the programs and
restore settings. Ughh…


2 Responses to “PPC”

  1. 1 morganaberserker August 19, 2005 at 5:20 PM

    Why do we buy these things? I knew when I got mine that they had the propensity for crashing, you knew when you got yours, yet we still succmmb to the technology. Go us.

  2. 2 Suzyness August 19, 2005 at 5:28 PM

    It’s the gadget & convience factor (and the ability to maintain ‘anal-retentiveness’ any time, any place) that draws us in.

    On the upside, I loaded a bunch of awesome new programs this time around… and (here’s the key) I saved the install programs for future crashes/installs! Will make it much easier next time around.

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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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