Uninspired blog

It’s odd how I live for the weekends. When I was younger, weekends
were always preferred over weekdays, but never as necessary as they
are now.I think part of the reason is that I’m needing more sleep now than I
did in high school or college. Back then, I could go off 5 hours of
sleep for weeks at a time, then catch up on weekends. Now, I’m zonked
if I get less than 8 hours; and it’s nearly impossible for me to sleep
past 8am on weekends. I keep thinking how great it would be to wake up
and have summer vacation back again :)

Weekends are now blurring the line between “unwind” and “finishing up
everything I couldn’t get done at home during the week”. Unfortunately
there is always much to do, too little time or motivation to get it
done. So I end up with feelings of guilt as I sit on my couch, enjoy
my air conditioning, and watch 6 hours of Divo’d cartoon sitcoms
(Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, Aqua Teen, take your pick).

I was a lurker tonight. I felt a bit ashamed, but I gave into the
little “Next Blog” button in the upper right hand corner of my
blogspot page (check it out… scroll up and look). It instantaneously
sweeps you away to someone else’s world. I saw things, or more
appropriately, read things that weren’t meant for my eyes. They
weren’t written with me in mind as a reader, but I wanted to see what
else was out there. It was an interesting stroll, but I only found one
other blog really worth investigating, let alone bookmarking.

I should be uploading the pictures I just got finished organizing. I
should be burning them to DVD. I should be uploading the NEW pictures
from my bday party Friday night. But, instead, I’m blogging and
reading blogs. In my procrastination and random stumblings, I’ve
determined that livejournal has now turned off the “email comment”
feature for non-paid users. So I’ve just gone back through some old
posts and found comments I didn’t even know existed! Knowing this, I
*must* be better about keeping up to date on my other journals.

Alright, I’m off to frolic in the blogging world a bit more. Have a great night.

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2 Responses to “Uninspired blog”

  1. 1 ben August 11, 2005 at 6:11 AM

    I was pondering the sleep comment in today’s post. I think for me, I’m actually the opposite. In college, I required more sleep than I do now. Maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Maybe it’s not that I required the sleep, it’s that I could actually sleep for great stretches of time without waking. I could sleep from midnight straight through until 11AM or noon the next day without stirring. Now, in my old age, I can barely muster a night of 7 hours sleep without waking once or twice.

  2. 2 Biotress August 11, 2005 at 6:13 AM

    I love that little “next blog” button too which is how I found your site. It’s dangerous for me because it allows me to procrastinate way too much! But it’s just so tempting.

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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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