great blog idea

I came up with a great blog idea on my way to work this morning… but
now it’s gone.

There’s been some discussion between Ben & I regarding protected
right-hand turns (where you essentially stay in the same lane as you
turn, protected by a cement barrier), and whether they’re legal on
red. So far I’ve only been able to find one document at the DVM
website that even sites protected right hand turns here . It’s a type
of turn I make every day on my way to and from work, right near the
sheriff’s office, and it would be nice to know whether I should be
yielding or stopping. I’ve seen people do both, right in front of
police officers, and neither has been pulled. over.

I realized this morning that I’m passed the “go to school for free”
phase in life. Or, more appropriately for me, “go to school on govt
loans” phase in life. I took it for granted that I’d be able to go
back for my masters being fully funded by good ole’ uncle sam. I did
the math this morning, and came to the sad realization that I’m now
too far above the “government funded” income bracket to qualify for
even an unsubsidized loan. Let alone the fact that I now have a
mortgage and other bills to pay monthly, and can’t afford not to work.
The brief period of time I had to get my education for free (or for
loan) has passed. I’ve moved into the world of adulthood, and there’s
no turning back.

I’d still like to go back to school to pursue my masters. It’s a toss
up for me between going back for more business type classes, or mixing
it up and attempting to go the MSBA route (business with IT stuff).
I’d be really interested in learning more about SQL and programming
languages, but it also means a whole lot more work; when I’m already
feeling stretched thin and have little to no motivation to do much
more than veg after work.

Thursday is my birthday. I’ll be going to work, as usual, then meeting
my friends and family for dinner in elk grove. I gave a heads up that
I’ll need to leave “early” on Thursday night (“early” being 6pm) and
felt bad even mentioning it. I know it will be crunch time for
billing, so that means another early morning for me to try to get as
much done as possible before leaving. Friday night, Ben is taking me
to dinner for my bday (in addition to the awesome surprise
he threw for me last week). Again, getting off work “early”
(this time “early” is 7pm to make it to dinner by 8pm). It never
fails, I have this horrible haunting feeling of guilt & responsibility
to work whenever I have other plans. Even when I’m leaving at a
completely reasonable hour, and will be putting in at least a full 10
hours at work, I still feel like I’m shirking my responsibilities.
It’s something I came to terms with while working at PwC; but it never
went away completely.

I’ve noticed with the last few posts that my links don’t transmit
properly through email, so if you notice a mis-placed link here or
there, it’s not because I’m clueless about HTML, it’s due to the media
used for posting. I’ll go back to fix where I can, but I’m not
guaranteeing that they’ll all be perfect.


1 Response to “great blog idea”

  1. 1 ben August 11, 2005 at 6:07 AM

    I’m almost positive that those turns are protected turns and don’t really require you to slow down. You are, however, responsible for merging. I guess that’s my “positive” opinion. I guess I’ll have to wait for smokey to pull me over to find out.

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