Sunday afternoons

Sundays always afford me an hour or two to myself… Ben goes off to
play soccer, usually leaving his laptop is lurking about somewhere
close. While I have an awesomely fast desktop computer, blogging and
surfing the internet is just so much more appealing while sitting on
the couch watching tv. This morning, it’s been the History Channel.
First a documentary on Dragons, now something called “Hell: The
Devil’s Domain” (pre-biblical concepts of a negative afterlife). It’s
not as bad as it sounds; the historical aspect of it makes it
interesting in general. I’ve spent some time responding to email,
checking, and finally writing this blog.

I’ve not as frequent of a blogger as I once was. Part of it is due to
my life being slightly more routine and less adventurous than it was a
year ago. Another (big) part is due to not spending time at work for
blogging. Since my new job, I’ve separated out my blogging time and
work time, rarely even starting to write a blog until after I’ve
gotten home. This leaves less time for me to jot down my brilliant
ideas in blog form. By the time I get home, the ideas have diminished,
and the whole idea of blogging just seems somewhat exhausting to me. I
recently discovered that I can email blogs to my blog page (using a
secret email address that shall not be revealed) and have been saving
drafts of blogs in my gmail account.

Transitioning to a different note… Tina, my first best friend ever
(we met when we were 5), has a son who is now 5. We both turned 25
this year, which means we met 20 years ago. Xavier is starting
kindergarten 20 years after Tina and I started and met in
kindergarten. This fact is, of course, relative to the year that X was
born. Ie, if he were 2 years older, he would have started elementary
school on Tina & my 18th “anniversary”, but it still seems monumental
to us. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were starting school. Not
long after meeting, Tina and I soon had matching CareBear lunch pails,
that had our names carefully puff painted on, and we did everything

Going through a box that still has yet to be unpacked, I found a book
I wrote in the 1st grade. Tina & I had both poured our hearts into
these books, that were written with the intent of entering them into
the book faire. We were both accomplished writers for our age, both
advid readers and having received a good educational basis from our
parents, siblings, and the competition between us. My book, ‘Chrissy
the Playful Whale’, and Tina’s ‘The Big Ferocious Dinosaur’ were the
hit of our schools book faire. We both received blue ribbons for our
1st grade group, and were moved up to the state book faire. There, we
faced the first harsh reality of life. The judges did not believe that
we had written the books on our own, and disqualified both of our
stories. Though we fought, it was hopeless. They’d made their
narrow-minded decision, and were sticking by it. I read my book again
the other night. It didn’t seem to have been written by a 1st grader.
In fact, I was surprised at my own abilities at such a young age. I
can see why the judges thought we’d had help from our parents or
teachers, but it still irks me a bit that my talent was the cause for
my disqualification.

Anyway, there’s my rant on the unfair world of being a child…. which
later extends to the unfair world of being an adult. I realize that
Xavier will have to go through similar trials; they’re just a part of
the childhood and life.


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