humanity at it’s best

After battling a maze of traffic outside Lowes & Golden 1 at Sunrise
Mall, Ben & I stopped at 7-11 to grab a refreshing

At first glance, it seemed like it would be a quick stop. We went
inside, taste tested a few of the new flavors, and decided on our
choice. As we headed for the line, and girl our age rushed in past us
and hurried for the slurpee machine. Ben & I waited patiently in line,
I turned my back to the counter, in awe of the
;new “mega m&m’s” (55% larger than the
original candies)
;, which I pulled off the shelf to show him.
During our momentary distraction, said girl rushed up to the counter,
and crept into the ‘personal space’ gap we’d considerately left for
the patron ahead of us. Initially, I gave her the benefit of doubt. It
could have been that she just didn’t want to push past us to get
behind us in line. We were, afterall, waiting in line since before she
even came into the store. Events proceeded quickly, and it was
apparent that she’d taken our momentary distraction, and the ‘personal
space’ gap to her full advantage. Her boyfriend(?) popped back into
the store (apparently he’d made his purchases and left prior to our
arrival?) to ask her why she was taking so long. Her response placed
her in the ‘scary white trash’ group within seconds, and Ben & I
receeded. A few more minutes was nothing in the grand scheme of
things; besides, she seemed a bit off and I’d prefer her ahead of us
than behind us.

Regardless, the lack of consideration and ultimate “i’m always right”
attitude of this country annoy me. It’s bad enough that we hold wealth
and power in such high respect; consideration & kindness placing a far
second. It seems odd to me that a country like the USA, that possesses
so many opportunities for advancement, education and support of
others, squanders those opportunities away. While no country is
perfect by any means, the acts and attitudes of the people who live in
the country really dictate the overall feel and culture of the
community. When you live next door to people who have a complete lack
of respect for others, it creates an environment that no one wants to
live in. We live in a state where homes are so overpriced that a
single income individual can’t afford anything more than a condo;
supposedly a great place to live. We pay more homes here for the
weather, location, community… but the ultimate destiny of this
community depends on the people in it and their level of respect for

I was born into a neighborhood that was fairly new, respectible, and
seemingly a good family place. Within the short 9 years that I lived
in that house, my family and I saw it go from a family oriented
community to one of crime, poverty and less than respectible
occupations. The owners of those homes saw their investments gain,
then plateau, then plummet in value. We got out during the plateau.

The lack of respect for self and others is what caused our good family
location to go so far south. While we were just trying to live our
lives as normal, decent people, others around us chose to turn our
neighborhood into one littered with crime and drugs. It’s scary to see
the demise of a neighborhood take place so quickly. And while there
isn’t much we can do about changing the attitudes and beliefs the
adults in our current communities, we do have an opportunity to reach
out to their children and create a better community for the future.

In California, it’s an unheard plea of desperation to ask that the
children of our community recieve a decent education and motivated
educators. Our government chooses not to reward the educators who are
responsible for molding the youth of society, and provides ample cuts
to the education budget annually. While there are still many motivated
and great teachers out there, it’s no wonder they so easily become
discouraged. It’s like telling someone to drive from CA to NY on half
a tank of gas. It just can’t be done.

Rant over… i’m out.


1 Response to “humanity at it’s best”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 8, 2005 at 4:16 PM

    Nice Post. Anyone for family values?

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