Update, update, update!

So I had a whirlwind weekend in Vegas; leaving Thursday night and
returning late Sunday.

Our flight was delayed leaving Sac on Thursday night, so we spent a
few hours sitting around the airport, crossing our fingers that we
would actually fly out that evening. The fates were with us, as the
thunderstorms in Vegas cleared around 10pm, and we finally left for
Vegas (yay!). Exhausted, we arrived to our hotel around midnight, and
did the non-Vegas thing and went to bed.

Friday we spent a leisurely morning enjoying our day off and getting
to sleep in. Preparing to head out for the day, I pulled my digital
camera out my bag, tried to snap a picture, and discovered that I’d
left my memory card at home!!! :( Edna & Tina had bought a 4 pack of
disposable cameras, so we divvied those up between the four of us and
set out.

We did the usual touristy stuff while there; saw the lions at MGM
Grand, got some novelty sized frozen beverages, went up to the top of
the Eiffel tower at Paris, gambled a bit, and enjoyed the Vegas night
life. I’d elaborate, but we’ve all been sworn to secrecy :)

We did take a day to lounge by the pool and soak in some of that 108
degree weather. Usually I’m not much of a pool person; don’t really
like getting my hair wet, the contacts get all weird, and my eyes burn
immediately from the massive amounts of chlorine in the pool. However,
in the Vegas heat, I was all over the pool situation. It was so great!
Yes, my eyes still burned, but the water was temperate and relaxing.

It never ceases to fail that something will go wrong with my computer
while I’m away from home for any extended amount of time. It’s like it
rebels against me for the lack of attention. Anyway, this trip away
yielded no different results from my computer. It’s finally back up
and running, after being back for nearly the same amount of time that
I was gone. This time it was actually due to my favorite ole memory
card (the one I forgot to put back in my camera). I’d left it in the
card reader slot on my computer, and it took a few days for me (Ben)
to figure out that the computer was trying to boot off of it.
Actually, I never figured it out, I just stared at my computer screen
while it stared blankly back at me. I left it all to Ben’s fixin’
skills… but it took a few days to get him pinned down to actually
look at my computer.

I’m actually a bit bummed because I left another blog I started to
write on another computer. I thought I’d saved everything to a draft
in my gmail account, but, alas, it appears I did not. Now I’m
contemplating whether it’s worth it to re-write now, or wait until
tomorrow to post. I think the latter.

Works been crazy… and I have to leave early tomorrow. Which means, I
have to go in SUPER early to get everything done. Jen (from college)
will be visiting, and she and her boyfriend will be arriving in Old
Sac around 4pm, so I’ve arranged it to leave early so I can meet up
with her and keep her company :) After walking around old town for a
bit, it’s off to dinner. We’ve got reservations at a yummy Italian
place in Folsom. Anyway, getting back to the “really early” part of
this paragraph… I need to be up in approx 8 hours, so I should
probably be going to bed RIGHT NOW!!!! Annnnddddd… i’m off.


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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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