Gym’ing it up

I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day at lunch for the past 4
months. I’ve had the motivation of an awesome bridesmaid dress that
*almost* fits perfectly, and the general desire to get back in shape.

I started out on the eliptical; “running” about 2 miles a day. I made
excuses that I needed the low impact machine to salvage my already
destroyed knees, but in reality, I was just more comfortable with
eliptical. It’s a ‘girlier’ machine to use, and I felt like I got a
good workout. The treadmill scares me; I’m terrified that I will lose
my balance and fall on my face.

Three months into my workouts, and having seen nearly no results, I
got over my fear of the treadmill and started running. Slowly at
first, around 5mph; kicking it up to 6mph when I felt adventerous.
After a month of using the treadmill, I’m happy to say that I can keep
a regular pace of around 6mph, and can even get up to 7.5mph when I
wanna be showy :)

I’d like to think that others aren’t judgemental while at the gym. Like
it’s some sort of sacred place that removes all sense of shame and
places everyone in the same clique of fitness and general health. But,
alas, I know it’s not. When I’m there, doing my workout thing, there
are others who will look at me with their brow furrowed or a confused
look. I’m no less guilty. But shouldn’t it be a sacred place? Aren’t
we all there for the same reason, and regardless of our methods, be
encouraged and welcomed for trying to get or stay healthy?

Regardless, I continue to go; deal with my fears of falling off the
treadmill, and run my little heart out.


1 Response to “Gym’ing it up”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 3, 2005 at 3:34 PM

    Hellooooo! updates please. ;)

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