blog… or lack thereof

I wrote this great blog on my pda on the drive back from Oregon a few weeks ago. It was full detail; giving taste, touch, smell and sound of every occurance in the remaining 2 days that I was there. Coming home, it took me a few weeks to even attempt to sync up my pda with my home computer (I generally sync at work and do most of my changes there). I decided to try syncing through my usb bluetooth device that I’d purchased a few months ago. I’m slow about getting my computer equipment up and running these days. After spending 2 hours trying to get Microsoft Activesync to recognize my pda, I came to the realization that microsoft was not going to allow me to sync up any sort of device without their patented, approved usb/ serial cables. Even though I’d set up bluetooth to act as a serial port, activesync was too smart for me and resisted the serial temptation. Alas, the blog still remains on my pda; probably never to be posted.

Changing topics: It’s been hot here lately. Temperatures have been above 100 degrees most days. The only time I feel the impact of this is on my lunch hour and in the brief departure time between leaving the office and getting into my car. The rest of the day is spent air conditioned or otherwise mostly comfortable. I realize this is a luxury. It’s nice to spend the day being cooled by air that I haven’t paid for; and makes me grin a bit when I think about the money I’m saving by not being at home, using the air there. This thought was on my mind on Monday, when I actually DID stay home, despite my desire to steal away someone else’s air conditioning.

It’s actually a bit odd for me to be back in this weather. I’ve spent four of the past five years in (somewhat) coastal cities. While San Jose was a far cry from San Luis Obispo, it did enjoy the temperate weather that comes with the cool pacific. Being that I’m cold 99% of the time, four of the past five years I’ve been extremely COLD all of the time. I moved back to Sacramento at the cusp of last summer’s arrival. Unfortunately, the rest of the summer I spent in other parts of the nation, and really had no time to enjoy the warm (deathly hot) weather that comes with being a resident of the central valley. Now that I’m not travelling, I’m once again basking in that UV filtered central valley sun.

I remember days in college where I’d come home from classes so frigid and in need of a defrost that I would sit in my 90+ degree room and just lay on my bed until I could feel my fingers and toes again. It’s not that San Luis was extremely cold; it was just never extremely warm. I rather enjoyed not having A/C; and with my room on the second floor of our townhouse, it got nice and toasty in the afternoons. I know this comfort and warmness level will pass soon, so I must enjoy it while it lasts. Soon, I will be cold and in layers again.


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