Majestic Views & Outlet Shopping

I’m spending this weekend surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature. This morning I enjoyed a breakfast of fruit & pastries on an open deck; the birds chirping all around and scarecly a car driving past.

Dave, Sharaun, Ben & I set out for our lengthy journey up to Oregon on Friday afternoon. Rushing to get my tasks at work completed before my day and a half off; my thoughts were that of reporting, contract audits and the looming changes in our software system that will be occuring over the next few weeks. Leaving work, I was faced with more evidence of a big city… a freeway that resembled a parking lot and drivers swearing at each other. Oh the joys of civilized life.

The next 9 hours were spent in the back seat of an SUV. Enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to drive on this trip, I took the first few hours to catch up on some reading and zzz’s. The further we distanced ourselves from the big city life, the more I noticed the beauty of the hills and lakes surrounding us. Majestic views of Mt. Shasta, wide sprawling fields & beatiful lakes were our backdrop. As we came closer to our final destination, the city life seemed less and less apparent. Instead of angry drivers and parking lot freeways, lush, green trees and far reaching mountains filled the view.

We arrived in Oregon late Friday evening, and Ben & I were dropped off at his parents house. Dave & Sharuan continued on to their final destination. Warey & tired from our trip, but eager to catch up, we spent a few hours chatting with Ben’s parents, then made our final descent to bed.

We awoke Saturday to rather dreary & dismal weather. “Unfortunate” I thought, “but beautiful, nonetheless.” Ben & his parents chauferred me around the town, first to a local breakfast place, then a brief tour of the surrounding town. The rest of the afternoon Ben & I were on our own. We checked out the outlet shopping, stopped at a local farmers fruit market (Bauman Farms) and picked out a delicious assortment of blueberries, loganberries & marionberries.

Ben’s sister, Laura, invited all of us over to her house for a BBQ on Saturday evening. This was my first time meeting Ben’s sister & his nieces. Needless to say, I felt a bit of pressure :) My worries were quickly whisked away within the first few minutes of arriving at his sister’s house. Ben’s nieces were adorable, and I had a great time getting to know everyone.

This morning, I’m sitting out on the deck, enjoying wireless internet & the majestic views ahead of me. It’s a perfect day; incredibly clear and warm. We’ll be heading into Portland in a bit to meet up with Ben’s high school friend and will spend the day tooling around the area.

I don’t know that I’ll have time to write again before we leave, so have a Happy 4th of July!!


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