So I realized this morning that traffic in Sacramento is seemingly worse than it was in San Jose or San Francisco. It may be that I took better routes when I lived in the Bay Area, or that there were just more routes available, but either way, driving to work here, I’m at a standstill a considerable amount more than I ever have been before.

It seems odd that the state’s capital would have such awful infrastructure for traffic. This is basically a city comprised of many little cities, and all traffic is directed around a central ‘hub’ in the downtown area. It’s awful planning, and forces anyone who is commuting to a local workplace to intermingle with all of the bay area commuters.

The other part of the frustration is the inconsistency of the roads. Some mornings it takes me 15 minutes to make it to work, others, a good 45 minutes. And for no apparent reason. This morning, for example… I left the house at 7:55am, expecting to have my normal (average) 25 minute commute to work. I figured I might even have time to stop by Starbucks before work and make it in by 8:30. Alas, as soon as I started out on the freeway, I found myself stuck in gridlock. Hoping it would clear up within a reasonable distance, I stuck it out… putt, putt, putt along… still going 20mph… putt, putt, putt, brake, putt… yup, that was pretty much my whole commute this morning. My plans of arriving early, getting Starbucks, all shot. I made it in around 8:40am. Nearly an hour after leaving the house.

Now, I realize that others have a far worse commute… driving anywhere in the downtown area is awful, and others go a much farther distance. But my argument is more the fact that I have a 12 mile commute… and it took me 45 minutes this morning!!!

I doubt the problems of our traffic-ing system will be fixed anytime soon, so for now, I’ll just blast some tunes on my ipod, whine about other drivers, and deal with it.


1 Response to “Traffic”

  1. 1 morganaberserker March 16, 2005 at 12:56 AM

    Yeah, Sacramento is horrible. It was 13 miles to get to Sac State from my house. If I had to be at school at 9:30, I had to leave my house no later than 8:00 if I wanted 5 mins of breathing room. Granted, there is a little walk involved once you -wait, if you- found a place to park, but still, it’s ridiculous! But here’s the one bad thing about London life sans car: the tube at peak hours, wow. At least you have car in between you and the people around you, on the tube, it’s just you and the perv next to you, ew….


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