Weekend Update

So my blog was a bit out of sorts for a few days… I kept getting error messages after attempting to post my “summer” blog, and the posts didn’t show up until I was far, far away from an internet connection. So I had 3 or 4 of the same posts sitting on my site. I managed to fix it this morning, although blogger gave me error messages this time when trying to delete posts. The blog still rocks, though.

Ben and I got back late last night from our weekend in San Luis Obispo. It was an awesome weekend… just enough time to relax and get away. Ben finished up his workshop around 3 on Friday, and we headed down to San Luis from there. We arrived at Del’s around 8:30pm, and Jen & Jayson met us there for dinner. YUM. Then we pretty much just crashed when we got back to Jayson’s. We were all really tired, and had a full day planned for Saturday. Guess that’s what being an adult does to you.

Saturday morning, we started off the day with a hearty breakfast from Margie’s. It’s this truck stop type place, with HUGE portions and reasonable prices. It’s fairly comparable to Gold Miner Cafe in Folsom. The food was good, although the bathrooms left much to be desired (per Ben). Thoroughly stuffed, we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and over to downtown SLO. We walked around for a bit and subjected Ben to some girly shopping.

From there, we headed out to San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals, with a final destination of Hearst Castle. Our tour wasn’t until 3:20pm, and we were leaving San Luis Obispo around 1pm, so we had plenty of time to stop off at San Simeon beach and look at the elephant seals. We got some great pictures, video & sound clips of the area.

Hearst Castle was next. We left our new elephant seal friends and drove back to Hearst Castle. We’d expected to have time to view the 45 min movie prior to our tour, and finish up around 5pm. Unfortunately, we missed the beginning of the video by a few minutes, and the movie “bouncer” wasn’t having the late entry. We were precisely 13 minutes late to the film, and had missed a crucial portion of the video. SOOOOooo, we sat and waited for our tour to begin.

Hearst Castle is always an interesting experience. Having been there several times, it’s great to get a new tour guide, go on a new tour, or learn something different about the place. I’m not one for retaining historical facts, so hearing the story of Hearst is always fairly interesting to me (since I can never remember it). It’s amazing that some of the pieces of art at his home are thousands of years old. Yes, thousands. Amazing.

I’d already slotted Moe’s as our dining choice for the night, as I knew it would be a big hit with Ben. Pulled pork sandwiches w/ coleslaw & yummy bbq sauce. We all had smoked potatoes to share, too. I think Ben’s a new fan :)

From there, we went to Frog & Peach, a local pub that’s more of a laid back type of scene. Not much for dancing & a big fan of beer (that’s all they serve), Jen, Ben & I all enjoyed the surroundings.

Sunday morning came early for us all… we’d stayed at the Vagabond Inn on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo Saturday night, to allow us to take a cab home and avoid the dirty business of designating a driver for the evening. We had big plans Sunday morning to head to Breakfast Buzz for some breakfast burritos, followed by a rigorous hike to the top of Bishop’s Peak. In retrospect, the breakfast burritos… not such a good idea before hiking. Regardless, we made it up to the top in 45 minutes! It was actually a great day for the hike. Overcast and cool, the weather was our friend as we trudged up the side of the mountain. When we reached the top, we looked around, only to see fog. We’d climbed into the fog bank, and were completely surrounded by it. It was actually rather awing. I have pictures, but, of course, have been lazy about downloading them… later this week for sure. My Cal Poly resolution beat (3 years late), we proceeded back down the mountain.

Earlier this week, Jen discovered a new Boba place on Foothill, so we decided to head over there to relax after our 1.5 hours of hiking. It was an awesome way to end the weekend. As we sat, enjoying our boba beverages, the clouds that had been accumulating above us finally broke into a light mist. We’d timed our hike perfectly… and made it down just before the rain to set in.

Ben & I started our drive back to Sacramento around 3, leaving just enough time for us to have dinner at Harris Ranch in Coalinga. It’s a popular place for pilots to fly into (since they have their own airport) and Ben had talked of wanting to go there. We had a yummy rib-eye dinner, a great jaunt around the gift shop, and a nice break in the drive overall.

The weekend was fantastic. It’s awesome that we’re just a 4.5 hour drive from my best friend, my alma mater, amazing hills for hiking, beautiful scenic views, delicious pork sandwiches & a fun place to hang out. Definitely have to go again soon.


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