Tax Stuff

So I finally finished my taxes last night. After months of procrastinating, I started them about 2

weeks ago, and have part-way complete versions of my taxes sitting out on various websites

(TurboTax, TaxSlayer, etc). They’re all IRS approved (got the link from the webpage) so I’m

guessing my info is fairly safe there.

My first attempt, TurboTax, only led me to dissapointment. Their “free” advertisement really meant $30?? No clue. Decided not to fight it and just move on to the next. TaxSlayer advertised free filing of state and federal for anyone under 25. Guess what folks… i’m only 24!!! So I proceed…

Most of my information was already in there, I just had a few last adjustments to make (entering in the correct amount for DMV registration, adjusting medical expenses only to find that I came NO WHERE NEAR the limit where it starts to become a benefit, prior year state taxes… ummm, no clue!!?! Apparently I didn’t print them out last year either.. damn), and had a fairly nice return coming back to me. Moving towards the end of the process, I start to realize there’s no where to enter my routing # and bank acct # for my direct deposit. D’oah! Yes, this service was free on the front end, but the costly 8 weeks that the government takes to cut checks just wasn’t worth it to me.

So back to to search for another seemingly free tax service. I choose, and to my surprise, this is actually what I used to file my taxes last year!! Woohoo!! That means they already have my state information stored, and can use it in my itemized deductions! That ONE adjustment bumped my federal refund up another $100! I also realized that FreeTaxUSA is a slightly more accurate system to use, as they automatically calculate those pesky adjustments from federal to state tax returns (you have to shift some things out of / in to agi when filing a state return), and TaxSlayer made you calculate all of this yourself (meaning… i didn’t adjust ANYTHING!!). Although TaxSlayer’s State return for me was a more robust refund, it was clearly flawed, and possible red flag for an audit (ok, not really, but I’m a cautious tax payer :)).

Getting to the end of the return, I entered my bank acct & routing #, selected YES for direct deposit, and off through the crazy world of the internet it went. I should find out if my return was accepted in about 3 days, and have my direct deposit in about a week!! All of this for a meger $13.95. Totally worth it.

If you haven’t filed yet, is the way to go.


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