This Weekend

This weekend was awesome. It was majorly influenced by the great weather, busy tasks & feeling quite accomplished by the end of the weekend. We got so much done yesterday. Ben had to work for part of the day, so he went in early, did a few things, came back, and we headed off to The Home Depot, where Ben bought a shopvac for $20!! It was half off regular price. Totally awesome.

After Home Depot, we went back to his house, made some breakfast burrito’s using the leftovers from dinner at my parents house on Saturday night & some scrambled eggs. YUM.

Ben had to go back to work at this point, which meant, along with working on his birthday, he was also missing his soccer game :(

I went home to make a cake for Ben.. which ended up taking the whole afternoon. I was attempting to make a mixed berry filling from scratch, but after about 4 tries, I gave into the store bought stuff, and ended up blending the berry mixture with vanilla frosting from a can. It tasted yummy, but wasn’t exactly what I was going for. Ok, so the cake’s done at this point, presents wrapped (well, they were in gift bags w/ tissue.. so technically not “wrapped”), I headed back over to Ben’s. It was about 4pm by now. I gave him his presents, which were comprised of a bunch of tools for his house and an awesome tool box to store them in.

After the present unwrapping was finished, we took off for a bike ride. We rode to Long’s Drugs so I could get some nail polish (i was planning on wearing sandals to dinner initially… changed my mind when I realized how chilly it was outside) and look for a bike helmet. Overall it was about a 2 mile ride. I’m a teensy bit sore today, but not bad at all. Definitely need to start doing that more often.

I can’t wait until it starts staying light later. I feel like you get so much more out of the day when it’s light out! I definitely plan on going on more bike rides in the evenings once the daylight allows for it :)

To end off the day, we celebrated Ben’s birthday with friends at BJ’s in Folsom. Ben & I grabbed a pager from the place when we were there on our bike ride (around 5:45pm) in order to get a table at 7:30pm. That place is so crazy busy. It’s insanity… and it’s like that for ALL of the BJ’s it seems. The ones in the bay area were the same way. Easily an hour wait for dinner. Ben & I came back to the restaurant around 6:45 and had a few drinks while waiting for our table. It ended up being 13 of us (ben’s lucky #… strange coincidence). We ate our dinners, had some drinks, got a free pazookie and finally headed out to Dave & Sharaun’s for cake & ice cream. It was a lot of fun.

Definitely need more weekends like this :)


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