SO MUCH has been happening lately!

I’m in St. Charles, Illinois at the Q Center Training Facility for work. In general, St. Charles and the training facility have been pretty calm, but some of us went to Chicago for the weekend! It was SO much fun… I didn’t bring my digital camera with me, so I have to wait until I get home to develop and post the pics, but here’s the synopsis of the week & weekend!

Tiring of the cafeteria-style food served at the Q Center, we splurged and took a cab over to Gino’s East Pizza. AWESOME pizza. Here’s the description of what we got…
Deep Dish Crumbled Sausage Pizza – A Chicago tradition . . . Gino’s East famous golden crust, chunky tomato sauce, layers of cheese and Gino’s East fresh Italian sausage. A meal on its own.
Quite yummy :)

Stayed in St. Charles, but we all went out to a bar called Cadillac Ranch and had a blast… lots of dancing, drinking, hoola hooping contests, etc. Let’s just say that getting up early Friday morning was a bit of a challenge ;)

Headed into Chicago around 9pm Fri night. We started out by checking into our hotel, the Swissotel… took a cab down to Rush street and proceded to walk around a bit lost for about half an hour. Picked up a disposable camera from Walgreens and continued on our journey.
We finally got to a bar called Melvin B’s, but it was a bit too packed for us (eg, you had to put your name on a waiting list to even SIT DOWN at a table?!? WTF.)
So we went to Mother’s Too, had a few drinks, then across the street to indulge in some “real” food (all we’ve had is cafeteria food this week) and got a slice of thin crust chicago pizza.
After pizza, we went to Shinanigan’s (sp?). They had some old school hip hop music on, v. cool :)

Started out the day by getting a latte from Seattles Best coffee. Met up with some other PwC’ers and headed out for breakfast. Had a yummy, artery clogging meal at “Savoy”, then walked down to the Shedd Aquarium. It was SO much fun! We spent a few hours there, walking around, looking at exhibits, watching shows, and just taking everything in.

After the Aquarium, we went on a tour round the south part of Lake Michigan! It took us just around the city of Chicago skyline, but was a very cool little excursion!

Then, it was *home* to our other hotel to check in at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Seriously shady hotel, but it was cheap, and a place to stay. We changed quickly, and then went over to the Sears Tower!! It was a bit dizzying to look down over the side of the building, and we could see our hotel from the 103rd floor!

We went to dinner at an italian restaurant, then over to Navy Pier to watch some fireworks and hang out on the pier.

We went to a bar down the street from our hotel, Kitty O’Shea’s, to wrap up the night. (yes, i realize this is the link to the boston establishment, but the one in chicago looked EXACTLY the same!!). My friend, Gabe, and I sat at the bar, had a pint of guiness (i had a black & tan) and talked about work, life, the day, and how much we were dreading going back to training (ok, it was only me who was dreading it).

We caught the 7:40am Metra back to Geneva, then took a cab into St. Charles… and SLEPT until our training class at 1pm this afternoon. :)

Pictures soon to come!!


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